Author's Suggestions for An Electric Screw Motor

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Minimalist Motors


Building a simple motor is much easier than most people realize. All it takes is a battery, a magnet and a piece of wire. This lesson reviews some simple motors and demonstrates a minimalist design constructed from a button cell battery, some wire, and a small but...

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26-Jan-13 guy
Basic Electromagnets

This lesson provides some general background on electromagnets and describes three simple activities for students to explore on their own. For reference, it also includes formulas for the magnetic field strength around several common types of electromagnets.


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25-Jan-13 guy wire solenoid with bolt
Classroom Rail Gun

This lesson introduces two homemade versions of the "electric rail gun", a device that uses the principles of electromagnetic propulsion to drive a rod or axle along a pair of conducting rails. Both versions are suitable for in-class demonstration or hands-on activities....

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25-Jan-13 guy rail gun with magnets
A Survey of Simple Electric Motors

This lesson provides general background on motors and surveys a number of projects for constructing simple motors.

Motors teach us about several of the basic ideas of electromagnetism, but the fundamental operation of a motor rests on only two simple principles:

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