lessons that use magnet wire

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Homemade Headphones from Picnic Supplies

This lesson provides instructions for building a pair of headphones (or speakers) out of inexpensive materials. It makes for a good science project lasting several hours or a quick demonstration in class if you are willing to build ahead of time, though for a single demonstra...

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12 Aug 2013 guy homemade headphones
Safety Pin Motor

This lesson describes a simple motor that can be constructed in 15 minutes with inexpensive materials. It involves all the basic principles of motors involving magnetic force, electromagnets, and commutators (rotating switches common in many commercial motors). This device is...

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25 Jan 2013 guy safety pin motor
Homemade Telegraph

Construction plans and suggestions for a homemade telegraph. Serves as a good application for studying electromagnets.

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12 Apr 2013 guy homemade telegraph