Author's Suggestions for Motion-induced Blindness Illusions

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Seeing Blood Vessels in the Eye

Describes a technique for seeing the shadows of blood vessels in your eye. Provides a great opportunity for discussing the anatomy of the eye. Requires a dark place.

For more examples of optical illusions caused by visual desensitization, check out our summary...

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21-Mar-14 guy retina shadows
Blind Spot

A description and explanation of the blind spot in the human eye, including exercises for finding and mapping your own blind spot. These exercises work very well on a computer display, and moderately well on a projector screen in front of a class. Lecture slides with images...

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10-Oct-13 guy
Cheshire Cat Illusions

Cheshire cat illusions are images that fade slowly away as you stare at them. They result from desensitization in the eye (and brain) when you view them without moving your eyes. This lesson explains the mechanism behind the disappearance, and provides several examples of...

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8-May-13 guy Cheshire cat