Author's Suggestions for Smoke Ring Machines and Dolphin Bubbles

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Tabletop Flaming Hurricane

This experiment demonstrates the basic features of hurricanes and tornadoes in spectacular fashion. With a kitchen turntable or a spinning stool, it can be put together with common classroom materials. A tutorial on hurricanes is included. Lecture slides are attached.

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31-Mar-14 guy flaming vortex
Desk Chair Angular Momentum

Describes a simple demonstration of angular momentum conservation using a spinning desk chair. A short tutorial of angular momentum and angular momentum conservation is included.

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25-Mar-14 guy
Vortex in a Bottle

Instructions for building the vortex in a bottle, a device that produces a vortex like the one found in a bathtub drain. The device is completely self-contained and can be used in any classroom setting. It is simple enough and cheap enough for students to build their own to...

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25-Mar-14 guy vortex in a bottle
Bernoulli's Principle and the Venturi Tube

The Bernoulli principle states that a region of fast flowing fluid exerts lower pressure on its surroundings than a region of slow flowing fluid. The principle applies to the motion of air over an airplane wing, to air flow through a carburetor, to a flag flapping in the...

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2-Oct-13 guy