Author's Suggestions for Lilac Chaser Illusion

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Motion-induced Blindness Illusions

Motion induced blindness illusions use apparent background motion to make static portions of the visual field temporarily disappear from view. They produce an effect that seems similar to the blind spot in the eye, or the disappearance of images in Cheshire cat illusions,...

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6-May-14 guy motion blindness illusion
Yang and Yin - negative afterimages

This lesson provides a tutorial on the mechanism behind negative afterimages, and includes three afterimage illusions for demonstration. Lecture slides are attached with all images.

For more examples of optical illusions caused by visual desensitization, check out our...

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8-May-13 guy Mona Lisa negative
Cheshire Cat Illusions

Cheshire cat illusions are images that fade slowly away as you stare at them. They result from desensitization in the eye (and brain) when you view them without moving your eyes. This lesson explains the mechanism behind the disappearance, and provides several examples of...

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8-May-13 guy Cheshire cat