Author's Suggestions for Cheshire Cat Illusions

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Anatomy of the Eye

This lesson provides an overview of the anatomy of the eye and suggests several simple activites for exploration, including

  • observing pupil response to variations in light
  • verifying the inverted image on the retina
  • comparing central and peripheral...
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8-May-13 guy diagram of eye
Color Perception

This lesson provides a tutorial in color perception and the physiology of color sensitive cells in the eye. It includes three classroom activites for exploring color vision:

  1. a game testing peripheral color vision
  2. a demonstration of mixing colored light...
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8-May-13 guy photoreceptor response
Yang and Yin - negative afterimages

This lesson provides a tutorial on the mechanism behind negative afterimages, and includes three afterimage illusions for demonstration. Lecture slides are attached with all images.

For more examples of optical illusions caused by visual desensitization, check out our...

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8-May-13 guy Mona Lisa negative