lessons that use plastic soda bottle

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Vortex in a Bottle

Instructions for building the vortex in a bottle, a device that produces a vortex like the one found in a bathtub drain. The device is completely self-contained and can be used in any classroom setting. It is simple enough and cheap enough for students to build their own to t...

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25 Mar 2014 guy vortex in a bottle
Soda Bottle Rocket

This lesson gives instructions for a simple rocket that can be constructed out of a soda bottle and some alcohol in a matter of seconds. I also explain the basic principles of rocket propulsion (Newton's 3rd law) and offer some suggested design refinements, including a remote...

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15 Sep 2013 guy alcohol rocket
Faraday Motor

This lesson shows how to construct and operate a modern version of the first electric motor, invented by Michael Faraday. It serves as an excellent demonstration or hands-on activity to show the basic principles behind the operation of an electric motor.

Learning goals:...

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30 Jan 2013 guy Faraday motor