lessons that use 9 volt battery

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Faraday Motor

This lesson shows how to construct and operate a modern version of the first electric motor, invented by Michael Faraday. It serves as an excellent demonstration or hands-on activity to show the basic principles behind the operation of an electric motor.

Learning goals:...

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30 Jan 2013 guy Faraday motor
Classroom Rail Gun

This lesson introduces two homemade versions of the "electric rail gun", a device that uses the principles of electromagnetic propulsion to drive a rod or axle along a pair of conducting rails. Both versions are suitable for in-class demonstration or hands-on activities. They...

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25 Jan 2013 guy rail gun with magnets
Homemade Telegraph

Construction plans and suggestions for a homemade telegraph. Serves as a good application for studying electromagnets.

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12 Apr 2013 guy homemade telegraph