getting started - browsing

Getting Started - Browsing

Lessons - Go to the lessons tab in the top menu bar to bring you to the lessons browsing page. On that page, you can use the forms in the left sidebar to filter lessons according to title, audience age, budget, preparation time, class time, equipment or materials, author, other key words, or subject.

Go to a particular lesson by clicking on the lesson title. At the top of the page you will see a short description of the lesson on the right and a short summary of characteristics on the left.

Ratings - The five-star user rating is displayed in the upper left. The lessons browsing page allows you to sort lessons according to this rating (among other things). You are encouraged to provide your own rating by clicking on a star.

Equipment - A list of required and optional equipment/materials appears at the bottom of the lesson summary. Click on an item to go to a list of suppliers that can provide that item.

Images - Most images at are displayed in thumbnail form by default, but you can click on the thumbnail to see the full-size image, if available.

Recommendations - Recommendations for related lessons are sometimes shown in the left sidebar. Author's Suggestions includes lessons the author has explicitly recommended. Related Lessons shows other lessons that link to the current page.

Curricula - Go to the curricula tab in the top menu bar to start browsing curricula. At, a curriculum is simply a list of lessons with notes. It might contain lessons used in a single class, or many classes, or it might be a sequence of lessons teaching a particular subject, or it might be a set of lessons that satisfies certain educational requirements. Curricula may also be nested within other curricula.

Membership - Check out our free membership for many other options. As a member, you can author your own private lessons from scratch (click the add content button in the upper right), or use the 'copy lesson' button at the top of each lesson to clone and annotate an existing lesson for your own use. You can also make your own private curricula to keep track of lesson plans (click the add content button in the upper right).