getting started - membership

Getting Started - Membership

A number of benefits are available for those who sign up for a free membership. Members may post comments, create their own private lessons and curricula, copy and modify existing lessons and curricula for private use, and store bookmarks for favorite lessons and authors. Take the 5-minute video tour of membership features or skip straight to the summary at the bottom of the page.

Video tour of membership features.


Creating a membership - Follow the login link in the upper right corner to the login page. Use the 'create new account' link at the botttom to request a new account. You will receive email directing you to a one-time login page where you can reset your password. Once you are logged in, you will have access to the member's menu in the upper right corner of each page. Follow the 'My Account' link to go to your personal web page, and use the edit tab to configure it as you desire.

Comments - At the bottom of any lesson, curriculum, supplier or chat group page, you have the option of leaving a comment. Please feel free to share your perspective and experience.

Bookmarks and favorites - When viewing a lesson or curriculum, you may use the 'add bookmark' button at the top to add a bookmark to your account for future reference. Manage your bookmarks on your account page under the 'My bookmarks' tab. Similarly, when viewing another user's account page, you have the option of using the 'add to favorites' button at the top to add that user to the list of favorites on your account page.

Authoring - As a member, you can add your own material to the site by following the 'Add Content' link in the member's menu at the upper right corner of each page. See the Getting Started Authoring guide for details on how to use the authoring tools. By default, the work you create is not available to the general public, but can be found in your account under the 'My work' tab. You can share your work with a select list of members by editing the 'users can view' or 'users can edit' lists for each lesson or curriculum under the edit tab. See the Getting Started Publishing guide for how to make your work more broadly available.

Copy lesson or curriculum - When viewing a lesson or curriculum, you can use the 'copy lesson/curriculum' button to make an editable copy of the work for your own use.