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Cohesion and Surface Tension

Surface tension explains why dew drops are spherical, why a stream of liquid separates into droplets as it falls, and why some heavier-than-water objects can float on the surface of a still pond. In the absence of gravity, surface tension can be a powerful effect, as...

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27-May-2018 guy water strider
Hair, Balloons and Static Electricity

This lesson describes and explains the common effects of static electricity. It provides instructions for making a "pith ball" to study static electric effects from different materials, and includes data on many common materials.

Average: 3.8 (165 votes)
23-May-2017 guy sciphile and balloon
A Survey of Homemade Batteries

A general overview of battery chemistry and operation, with examples of several types of homemade batteries. Tables of suggested materials and sources are included.

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2-May-2014 guy Coke can battery
Faraday Motor

This lesson shows how to construct and operate a modern version of the first electric motor, invented by Michael Faraday. It serves as an excellent demonstration or hands-on activity to show the basic principles behind the operation of an electric motor.

Learning goals...

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23-Apr-2014 guy Faraday motor
Battery Basics

This lesson provides general background on the makeup, chemistry, and operation of batteries. Lecture slides attached.

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20-Apr-2014 guy batteries in parallel
Super Absorbent Polymers - Diapers and Instant Snow

Superabsorbent polymers (SAP's) are used to absorb and retain liquid in a variety of applications, including baby diapers and potting soil. One common SAP, known commercially as "instant snow", is sold as a white powder that can absorb several hundred times its weight in...

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23-Oct-2013 guy baby with diaper