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Stacked Ball Drop - Lessons in Conservation of Energy and Momentum

Drop a stack of balls on the floor. By carefully choosing the relative masses of the balls, it is possible to send the top ball flying many times higher than the distance it fell. Analysis of the collision offers good lessons in relative motion and the conservation of...

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9-Jun-2016 guy Ball Drop
Pendulum Waves

This lesson outlines the construction and operation of a pendulum wave machine that can be built from inexpensive materials in the classroom. Building the demonstration requires a fair amount of patience: construction only takes about 30 minutes, but adjustments and fine...

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7-Jan-2016 guy Pendulum Wave
Measuring the Density of Pennies

This activity provides a detailed lesson in measurement and measurement errors, which can be adapted to many different age groups, starting with any group that knows a little bit of geometry (specifically, how to calculate the volume of a disk). The focus of the lesson is on...

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7-Jan-2016 guy magnified penny