About Us


Sciphile.org serves a community of folks interested in science, who share a belief that science education is important, and pursuing it should be fun. Our primary goal is to facilitate that education by providing high-quality free materials for learning and teaching, in or out of the classroom. To achieve that goal, we rely on users like you who collaborate to write, edit, test and teach the content. We welcome your participation in this community.

We host a library of bite-sized science demonstrations, experiments, activities and lessons designed to help teach a variety of science topics, inspire a range of pasttimes, or simply entertain your inner geek. Our materials are freely available for use in the classroom, or for other educational or personal use. Please feel free to browse the library, download and test materials, rate the lessons, comment, share and contribute. Check out our Getting Started Browsing guide for a tour of the site. Sign up for a free membership to gain access to additional features and to become a contributing member to the community.

Sciphile.org also functions as a refereed journal for free science lessons. Contributions are welcome from anyone with a good lesson to share; sciphile.org members may submit their work for publication at any time. Each submission is reviewed by experienced scientists and educators for accuracy and clarity. Work that passes our rigorous review is made available for public browsing with a byline for the author. A record of the publication is added to the author's account page. Check out our Author Guidelines and Getting Started Publishing guides for more details.

Sciphile.org is designed with teachers and parents in mind, but is suitable for anyone with an interest in science. Do you need a science lesson for the classroom in one hour? Search our library for lessons with short preparation times. Do you need to occupy a bunch of youngsters for the afternoon? Let them browse our materials and have them pick out an activity they can do themselves. Are you looking for a brilliant idea for the school science fair? Search for ideas based on your equipment, time and interests. Do you need to impress someone with your knowledgeable answer to a science question? Read up on the topic here when nobody's looking. We won't tell.